Democratic Headquarters of the Desert Turning the Coachella Valley Blue Sponsored by the Riverside County Democratic Central Committee

Who are we, and why is DHQ here?

A little history...

In 2007 there were many Democratic organizations in Riverside County, representing various communities and different demographic groups. It became clear that we needed a hub; a central point of organization and assembly that would focus and enhance our efforts. Democrats of the Desert took the lead and began raising the needed funds for a central Coachella Valley office. In June 2008 Democratic Headquarters of the Desert opened its doors. For the first two years, we were a fledgling organization operating as an arm of our parent, Democrats of the Desert. In 2011, our mission firmly established, we separated from our parent organization and proudly became the Democratic Headquarters of the Desert. 

Now in our 9th year, we are the hub for Democratic activity in the Coachella Valley. We are staffed entirely by volunteers. We are funded by contributions from individuals and from the area Democratic clubs. Our Leadership Team, augmented by a team of active volunteers, manages day-to-day operations, handles our fundraising, organizes our activities and events, and manages our outreach activities to our local clubs and to the campaigns of Democratic candidates running for political office. 

We offer voter-registration services on a year-round basis. We host group Board meetings and strategy sessions. We provide the space, the volunteers, the phones and the scripts for phone banking for local, state and national candidates. We respond to countless phone calls for information about campaign activities, events, and ballot issues. Our Headquarters serves as a reservation center for the many Democratic meetings and functions that occur throughout the year. During election years our office hours are extended to 7 days a week in the run-up to elections. On Election Day, we provide everything that is necessary to get voters to their polling stations.

In the recent past we have had our own radio talk show program called “Progressive Talk with Elle K”, After a run of several years and the airing of well over 200 unique interviews with local politicians and business leaders, the host radio station closed and Progressive Talk with Elle K. went on temporary hiatus. In addition, we have our free E-mail news service called “Progressive News!” with circulation to over 1300 Democratic households in the desert area. Our first issue was published in 2013 and as of March 2017 we have published well over 1000 issues. These E-mail postings include interesting news of local political issues, activities, rallies, fundraisers, and local, state and federal elected officials’ appearances in Riverside County. Appreciation for both “Progressive Talk with Elle K” and “Progressive News!” has been widespread, and has added substantially to our growth.

We are registered with both the State of California and the Federal Elections Committee as a general-purpose Political Action Committee. We are growing in recognition and political influence. As we look forward to the coming years, we see our growth and influence extending from the Coachella Valley through Riverside, Imperial County, and on to the Los Angeles and San Diego areas. 

So, we invite you to stop by the Headquarters to meet our staff, supporters and committed Democrats where there is always a buzz of activity. Join us as we work together to build our Democratic majority in the Coachella Valley, Riverside County and beyond.