Democratic Headquarters of the Desert Turning the Coachella Valley Blue Sponsored by the Riverside County Democratic Central Committee


In August 2016 we published issue #963 of Progressive News! By the close of this 2016 presidential election year, we will have published over 1000 issues of our free online news service. What started as an idea at a meeting of volunteers at Democratic Headquarters of the Desert has become the regional standard for distributing information of interest and importance to our local Democratic family. We will continue to join our sibling, Progressive Talk with Elle K which is now available in exclusive Podcast format. Together, Progressive News! and Progressive Talk with Elle K will continue as the voices of Democratic Headquarters of the Desert.

Progressive News! covers candidates and elections and we advise our supporters and constituents about upcoming political events. We cover subjects of community and national interest and much more.

Our parent organization, Democratic Headquarters of the Desert, is unique here in the desert. First opened in 2008, we are the first political Headquarters in the desert to maintain a permanent year-round office that is open to the public. We believe our Democratic family deserves an office that serves them throughout the year, and we have big plans to continue and to grow in our services to our community.

And, it is all done by volunteers! There is no paid staff. We are 100% dedicated volunteers, doing what we love to do: Helping to elect Democrats!

A little over a decade ago, this region was a deep-red Republican bastion with Democrats trailing Republicans in voter registration by almost 10% in Riverside County. Now, thanks in great part to the efforts of all the volunteers on the Democratic Headquarters team, Democrats lead Republican registrations countywide by 2,718 registered voters. In our 36th Congressional District, Democrats now lead Republicans by 3.5%, or a total of 10,282 voter registrations! (figures are from August 15, 2016 Riverside County Registrar of Voters Voter Registration Summary.) We are making great progress, and we are not about to stop now!

So, if you haven´t already done so, please make a point of stopping by our Headquarters to meet us and see for yourself all that we do, and all that we can do for you! If you are already a subscriber to our free online news service, we hope you continue to enjoy Progressive News! If you would like to become a subscriber, there is a link at the bottom of this page for you to sign up. Remember: it is completely free, and you may unsubscribe any time you wish.

When you need information about Democratic activities in the desert region, just think…Democratic Headquarters of the Desert!, Progressive News! and Progressive Talk with Elle K !

Please join us as we help turn this region an even deeper shade of Democratic Blue. You can contribute to our efforts by using the following LINK, which will take you to our ultra-secure Website contribution portal. We currently have a major campaign underway to sign up monthly recurring credit card supporters. It is so easy! Five dollars a month would be wonderful. Ten dollars a month would make all of us volunteers do a Democratic Dance! Watch us! We are building a Democratic Majority in the Desert!

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