Democratic Headquarters of the Desert Turning the Coachella Valley Blue Sponsored by the Riverside County Democratic Central Committee

Who are we, and what do we do?

In 2007 there were a number of Democratic organizations in Riverside County, each with its own mission and demographic makeup. We needed a hub; a central point of organization and assembly to help focus and enhance the synergy of all of our efforts. In June 2008 Democratic Headquarters of the Desert opened its doors.

Now in our 15th year in our Cathedral City office, we continue to operate as a central hub of activity for Democrats in eastern Riverside County. We are registered as both a State and a Federal PAC. We host periodic meetings of the various Democratic club presidents to bring them up to date and to help coordinate their club activities. Democrats visit or call us for assistance with voter registration and other types of local and national political activities. Our volunteers field and answer questions, register voters, help with clubs and campaign information and assist on election days. We host phone and texting banks and organize and manage local groups as they participate in nationwide postcard mailings. We provide our facilities for Club meetings and also act as a reservation center for the many Democratic functions that occur throughout the year. During election years our office hours are extended, and on Election Day, we provide everything that is necessary to get Democratic voters to the polling centers.

We are staffed entirely by volunteers and are supported by contributions from individuals and from Democratic clubs. We continue to grow in recognition and political influence.

In addition, we offer our free, informative E-mail news service called "Progressive News!" with circulation to over 1600 Democratic households in the desert area. In mid-November of 2022, we published our issue #2,590. Progressive News! continues to add substantially to our growth as an organization.

We invite you to stop by the Headquarters to meet our staff of dedicated volunteers. Please join us as we work to build a Democratic majority in the Coachella Valley, Riverside County and beyond.